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We offer a selection of prescription products, as well as vitamin supplements, heartworm medications, and grooming supplies. Some of these products are listed below.
Dental Health
Finger Toothbrush

We offer an extensive variety of prescription diets. We also carry treats to meet special dietary requirements. Please inquire to ensure availability. Below is a list of manufacturers:
Science Diet Hairball Control
Royal Canin
Flea & Tick Products
Frontline Spray
Feline Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar
Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs
Siphotrol Premise Spray
Adams Flea & Tick Dust
Grooming Supplies & Shampoos
Laxatone & Laxaire Hairball Remedy
Nail Clippers
Vet Ear Cleaner
Hypoallergenic & Medicated Shampoos
Heartworm Preventatives
Our doctors are constantly keeping up with medical advances to ensure that we can offer your pet the best care. Many of the drugs offered are available in pill, capsule, liquid, topical, or chewable treat form to make it easier for you to medicate your pet. Please inquire.
Medicated Sprays
Feline pheromone for behavior problems
Malaseb Flush
Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements
Geri-Form Chew Tabs
Pet-Form Chew Tabs
AllerG-3 fatty acid supplement
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General Surgery
Each patient's anesthetic and pain management protocol is individually tailored for his or her current health status, age, medical history and surgical procedure. In addition to monitoring by our trained veterinary nurses, we use monitors to check each animal's blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration. We perform most soft tissue surgeries but only limited orthopedic surgeries. The following is a small sample of the soft tissue surgeries we perform in our hospital: ovariohysterectomy (spay), castration (neuter), intestinal surgery, liver biopsy, cystotomy (bladder), mass removal, splenectomy and ferret adrenalectomy.
Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic imaging includes radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and MRI. The attending veterinarian initially evaluates all radiographs. Dr. Michael Wise, a board eligible veterinary radiologist, provides a written radiographic report for all X-rays taken as well as performing ultrasound, endoscopy and bronchoscopy services for us on our premises in Gaithersburg. Patients that may benefit by MRI are referred to the Iams Imaging Center in Virginia. Both their radiologist and ours review the results of all MRIs.
Dental Care
A thorough dental prophylaxis is performed under general anesthesia and includes deep scaling with a piezo-electric dental scaler, curetting (plaque removal under the gums), polishing, and fluoride treatment. The teeth are checked for periodontal pockets and disease. Diseased teeth are filled when possible and extracted if necessary. Clients are given the option of referral for a root canal when appropriate. Oravet, a barrier to plaque formation, is available and can reduce plaque formation by 47%. We discuss routine dental care at home and maintain a supply of foods in our clinic specifically designed to help clean your pet's teeth.
On-site Laboratory
We perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests in house. These include: blood chemistries; complete blood count; electrolytes; ELISA testing for heartworms, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS), and Giardia; urinalysis with sediment; fecal analysis for intestinal parasites; skin scrapings for mites; fungal testing for ringworm; and early renal detection (ERD) testing (for kidney disease).
Off-site Diagnostic Services
We utilize a variety of commercial and university laboratories so that we may obtain the best results and reasonable prices. We send out biopsies, cultures, allergy testing, DNA testing for Von Willebrand's disease, cytology, blood profiles, and vaccine serology testing to name just a few of the diagnostic tests available.
Preventive Health Care
Early detection is the key to prevention and management of serious medical problems. A thorough physical exam performed by one of our veterinarians is the first diagnostic step used in assessing your pet's health. In addition to an evaluation of all major organ systems, our physical exam also assesses your pet's dental health and weight. Diet, supplements, and medications are recommended as appropriate to ensure a long, healthy life. During the annual visit we recommend blood testing to identify hidden problem areas (such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease). If the physical exam reveals the potential of a specific problem such as thyroid disease, the testing is adjusted to include evaluation for the suspected problem. Finding hidden problems early, before the pet shows signs of disease, allows us more options for treatment or management of that disease and improves quality of life.
Senior Health Care
We take especially good care of our senior patients and are proud that many of our senior patients exceed the average life expectancy for their species and breed. Our senior care recommendations include semi-annual exams, 27 blood chemistries, complete blood count, thyroid testing, and urinalysis with sediment for most pets. As your pet ages, his needs and behavior change. We can help you understand these changes and help you care for your aging pet.
We recommend vaccinations based on each pet's individual needs and offer serology screening whenever possible. A current rabies vaccination is required in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Reproduction Counseling
All pets benefit from being spayed or neutered. It can prevent common behavior problems, such as urine marking, aggression, and running away. In addition, it reduces the risk of certain cancers and diseases (such as pyometra -- uterine infection).
Nutrition Counseling
Proper nutrition can avert or alleviate many medical problems. We can review your pet's current diet for nutritional value. We carry prescription diets from several manufacturers for a variety of conditions.
Behavioral Counseling
Many behavioral problems are due to lack of training and misunderstandings between animal and human. In some cases, there is an underlying medical problem for the "misbehavior". Urinating inside the house, for example, is often the sign for a urinary tract problem. Our doctors and staff are always willing to listen to your problems and offer advice. If the problem is more serious, we refer patients to a veterinarian who is a behavioral specialist.
When appropriate, we refer patients to board certified specialists to ensure they receive the best possible care.
Cancer Treatment
We offer surgical excision and chemotherapy.
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Payment Options
Gaithersburg Veterinary Clinic accepts cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Traveler's checks.
Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
We strive to keep our prices as low as possible for all of our clients and therefore do not offer discounts. Payment is due upon completion of services. In special circumstances, when extensive diagnostic work or surgery is needed, we offer payment plans. Payment plans must be authorized in advance by the office manager.
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