Carmen's Meow


The Shoelace
We're a bit more than half-way through the semester now and things are heating up! When I'm not busy studying for tests or practicing surgical techniques, I enjoy playing. My previous default has always been the mouse toys. Don't get me wrong, the little gray mouse really pumps me up! Sometimes I even like to chase the reflection from a watch when the strong sun comes in the window. But more recently there is a new obsession that drives me.
As you can see, the old shoelace is not a toy that is just laying around all the time. It's the special toy that only comes out once in a while. After all, it'd tie my guts in a knot if I ate it! But when it does come out, it can be a little animal running on the floor - which requires chasing and pouncing, or it can be a little bird flying around my head - which requires jumping and swatting. Such a diverse toy for lots of fun!
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Hi I'm Carmen! I lived at Gaithersburg Veterinary Clinic for most of my life and then started Vet School in Madison, Wisconsin 2 years ago. Since then I've just spent the summertime in Gaithersburg. You can read more about me here!
I've just arrived back in Madison for the 3rd of 4 years of school and what a labor day weekend it has been! I got to experience my least favorite and most favorite things all in 1 weekend.
My least favorite thing is car rides. Sure, I have my cat bed of choice in my carrier and I may or may not have dozed off a bit, but the car is bad. I took the time to explain to my chauffeur - in full detail - how horrible the car is. Yes the full extent of my hatred of the car takes a couple hours to explain, but I assure you it was all very important stuff I said.
When we finally arrived, I wasted no time and almost immediately sprawled out on my most favorite thing: carpet. It's so soft! So squishy! So comfortable! I could roll around on it all day long!
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